" -- system's just so quaint! Oh, it's recording. Hello! You've reached Vincent. I'm not here right now, so go on and leave a message, will ya? And I'll get right back to you!"


Outside Cafe Luke's, Sunday night
Vincent and Cafe Luke's reappeared simultaneously. Vincent looked around at the pies he'd been setting up around the perimeter and scratched his head, then turned and looked at the sky.

There were stars again.

In short order, Vincent had all the pies he'd made stacked up on a table out front, below a sign saying "free victory pie! Enjoy!". Then he switched the open sign to closed and went up to his loft.

There'd be plenty of time to properly celebrate in the morning. Right now, he was just interested in lying in bed and remembering as many different dishes as he possibly could.

[ooc: NFI with Vincent, but folks are welcome to stop by and grab a pie]

OOC: Serving up a hefty dose of infopost
Vincent's nice and simple, so he gets to post everybody else's info, too. For info on Pinkie Pie, go here.

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